Kentucky firefighters with out-of-state certifications that carry IFSAC or ProBoard accreditation may request to have those certifications recognized in Kentucky through reciprocity. We consider accepting certificates that include a seal of accreditation by IFSAC or NPQB, no matter what state, province or country issues the certification.

Kentucky does NOT convert out-of-state certificates to Kentucky certificates, nor are ProBoard certificates converted to IFSAC certificates and vice-versa.

Reciprocity means that we will consider, on a case-by-case basis, certifications outside our state for the following purposes:

  • Z1. To allow a Kentucky firefighter to seek additional certifications by using the out-of-state certificate as a pre-requisite to obtain such, and
  • Z2. To allow a Kentucky firefighter to obtain Kentucky statutory certification (150 hr or 400 hr levels) to permit a volunteer fire department to qualify for state aid OR a career fire fighter to qualify for incentive pay.

To acquire reciprocity for one or more out-of-state accredited certifications, an Application for Accredited Certification Reciprocity must be filed and submitted with a twenty-five dollar ($25) fee.


Kentucky DOES NOT recognize “Grandfathered” or “Implied” certifications.

There is a twenty-five dollar ($25) fee for each reciprocity application received per entity. Multiple levels may be requested on one application for a single fee if all certifications were issued by the same entity, such as the DOD. Multiple entities shall require seperate applications. Fee shall accompany each application, in the form of money order or department check, made payable to KCTCS Fire Commission.

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