Firefighter I and Firefighter II Skills Testing

The skills testing for Firefighter I and II is a random sampling of all possible skills in each certification level. There are multiple skill possibilities at each station, however, the candidate will only be required to perform 1 skill at each station.

2013 policy changes in the Kentucky process require ten (10) skill stations to be completed by the candidate for Firefighter I with 100% competency. Firefighter II testing will consist of six (6) skill stations with a required 100% competency. Hazardous Materials Operations  PPE and Product Control (NFPA 1072:2017 Chapters 5, 6.2 and 6.6) are required pre-requisites for firefighter certification. Four (4) Hazardous Materials skill stations will be offered on the same test day as Firefighter II for the benefit of those needing the required certification. A POLICY CHANGE ON MARCH 1, 2014 PROHIBITS STAND-ALONE HAZ-MAT OPS SKILLS TESTING DURING FF2 TESTING. Candidates must test Firefighter II skills with Hazardous Materials. Candidates needing ONLY Hazardous Materials Operations must test following an organized course of the subject matter OR a scheduled skills test session that consists of ALL Hazardous Materials Operations (NFPA 1072:2017 Chap 5) Operations Product Control (NFPA 1072:2017 Chap 6.6)and Hazardous Materials PPE (NFPA 1072:2017 Chap 6.2).

Testing requires the use of PPE, therefore candidates for testing are required to bring full PPE and SCBA which shall be NFPA 1971 compliant. Each test day will expose the candidate to potential IDLH atmospheres with live-fire scenarios, therefore all candidates MUST be clean-shaven to the point that facial hair does NOT come between the facepiece seal and the face.

Candidates are NOT permitted to have copies of skill sheets and/or reference material at the testing site.

Candidates for testing must bring completed Firefighter I, Firefighter II, and Hazardous Materials Operations certification applications to the testing site. These applications are to be signed by the candidate and the department chief or designee attesting the candidates competency in the required NFPA objectives.

Also, due to current NFPA requirements for certification, candidates shall show competency in medical training. Candidates shall bring a copy of a current CPR card AND current First Aid, First Responder, EMT or Paramedic card.

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