IFSAC Fire Fighter 1 and 2 Skills Testing

REMINDER: Candidates must be at least 18 years of age and be a member of a Kentucky FD or a full-time student of Fire Science at EKU or KCTCS or active civilian/military personnel assigned to a military installation within Kentucky to be eligible for firefighter testing. Candidates must bring state issued drivers license or ID card to skills testing site for positive identification and verification of age eligibility.

IFSAC Fire Fighter 1 and 2 Skills Testing

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Hazardous Materials Operations skills are offered during Firefighter 2 skills due to Hazardous Materials Operations being a pre-requisite for firefighter certification.
Prior certification to Hazardous Materials Operations will exempt the candidate from taking the Hazardous Materials Operations skills during the Firefighter 2 testing.

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Please direct questions to Christy Rodgers at (606) 782-2599.